• Dukkah Dipping Platter with fresh home baked crusty bread made with fresh local ingredients including:
    • Local olive oil
    • Local dukkah mix
    • Feijoa Balsamic Dressing                                                                     


  • Market Veg & Feta Pie made with fresh local ingredients including Kenilworth Feta Cheese, Cooloola Cream & local free range eggs

Tanya’s Market Veg & Feta pie recipe recently won the ABC Australia Cooks competition this year along with 59 other winning recipes to be included in a new cookbook by ABC Australia Cooks to be published around May 2016.

  • Fresh local salad – most ingredients sourced locally
  • Deli meats


  • Citrus Pudding with fresh local Cooloola Cream

(placed in the refrigerator to prepare & eat at your own convenience)

Gourmet Dinner with bottle of wine = $110